Online Books ( E Books ) Essay

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Review of Literature
Electronic books (e-books) are a prevalent method for integrating technology in preschool and elementary classrooms; however, there is a lack of consensus concerning the extent to which e-books increase literacy skills in the domains of comprehension and decoding. Innovation has revolutionized information sharing and has enhanced the speed at which information from one corner of the world is relayed to other parts of the world within seconds. The quicker information transfer has enabled the quicker reaction to terrorist attacks, faster interventions to the recent upsurge of infectious disease, teaching and learning in schools among other disciplines (Hutchison, Beschorner & Schmidt, 2012). According to the World Bank survey of 2012, in United States for instance, over 50% of households have internet connections. In developing countries, the internet coverage is more than 30% with majority having access to internet using mobile phones, which are able to surf the web at greater speed. However, internet rates are considerably high that might limit the rate of accessing information from the internet.
Lev Vygotsky established the Social Development Theory, which was founded in constructivism. This theory featured three major themes: (1) social interaction, (2) more knowledgeable other, and (3) zone of proximal development. Social interaction is a necessary component in cognitive development. The more knowledgeable other is anyone who knows more…

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