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During the last decade, banking became the most competitive industries of Bangladesh with a huge amount of growth. A large number of new banks have made their way in the industry and yet there are more to come. In such a highly competitive service industry, ‘customer satisfaction’ is a very important factor to consider. High customer satisfaction and loyalty give an organization a better base than its competitors and allows it to flourish in the industry.

This project deals with the ‘service quality’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ of ONE BANK LTD. Data has been collected on the basis of the questionnaire and a survey was conducted. Then the results of this survey are analyzed to identify
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He may wants to save & he always seeks for some secured institutions, which will give him more facilities. Bank is required here.

People may wants to buy something for improvement of life style or he may wants to buy some household goods or other necessary things but he has not enough amount of money at a time. Bank can facilitates him.
A person who has an industry but may not has enough working capital that means he is suffering from lack of money. Bank is required here.
In every steps of life the institution that is serving the best is called the bank. It facilitates not only human’s daily life but also helps in trade whether it is local or international. In today every work will be stopped in absence of bank.
Trade whether it is local or international, involves the exchange of goods and service. International trade occurs because the production of different kind of goods requires different kinds of resources used in different proportions and the various types of economic resources are unevenly distributed throughout the world. The international mobility of resources is extremely limited. Since it is very difficult to move resources among nations. There may be restriction imposed by the Governments and international organizations on the movement of product into, and sometimes out of countries.
“ONE BANK” is that bank which perform its activities in home for all kinds of public & in export-import cases it also issues letter of

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