One Road Two Wheel : What You Can Lose Weight By Just Riding A Bicycle?

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One Road Two Wheels

Do you believe you can lose weight by just riding a bicycle? I am proof that you can do it, if you put your mind to it. Let’s jump on our bikes and go for a ride. Chicago is approximately two-hundred sixty miles from Greenville, Ohio. A group called Campus Life was heading to Chicago on their bikes. I was one of the thirty-five people to participate in the four day trip. At first I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but by the end of the trip I knew that it was going to lead to a heathier lifestyle. I had my mom’s old mongoose bike that was black with a smooth edge on it. The bike was thirty-five years’ old with a busted beak that did not work that well. The bike was strong and built right for this sole purpose of riding for this distance and more to come. The bike had handles that were falling apart with steering that was off plus a creaking sound in the back of it which would go off every second of the dusty trip. I took off every day and practice and practiced. I was not sure about the trip but after a week of getting ready, I was like yes I can do this. I was scared though my knee was in pain and I was scared that I could not go on the trip and ride the roads which I wanted to challenge myself at it. A challenge of what I was made for in this life and you know I biked the whole thing without knowing I can do this and I will there is no backing out now.
I went ahead and rode the trip. I loaded my white dodge truck up for the trip and went to…

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