One Person Who Makes Everything Around You Better Essay

724 Words Oct 13th, 2015 3 Pages
There is always that one person who makes everything around you better. That same person you are always in awe of. For me that person is Mike. He is many things to me but most importantly my best friend. When things throughout my day go wrong, he is always there to turn them around. As he says, it’s just because he is awesome, but I think it’s the way his deep brown eyes light up when he smiles. The advice he gives me or anyone for that matter is always logical and ends up being the best solution to the current situation. It’s his different outlook on life that made me so attracted to him. Without even realizing he does it, he encourages me to be a better person.
Mike is five foot seven and a little on the chunky side which has never bothered me since he’s become my personal body heater. He always tries to bring light to every situation while never sugar coating the reality or truth to it. For not having any college degree he is extremely intelligent. Everything that comes out of his perfectly shaped mouth sounds smart and you never question if it is actually true or not. Overall Mike is extremely charismatic and I am pretty sure he could sell ice to an eskimo. For only being in his early twenties he has his head on straight. He works for everything he has unlike some of his friends because his dad taught him the value of a dollar. Just like the rest of us Mike has goals and aspirations. Unlike me, he actually knows how to achieve them and is not afraid to get his hands…

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