One Night At The Call Center Essay

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In India, people take culture very seriously. Whether it 's religious beliefs to celebrations, Indians want what’s best for them. With that being said, marriage plays a huge part in the Indian culture. It is crucial that parents find the best partner for their son or daughter. Whether the partner may be rich or well educated, there are a lot of factors that are put into play while finding the right match. But at the end of the day, do the son or daughter really want to have an arranged marriage? In the book One Night at the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat, six friends are working at a call centre while facing their own problems behind the scenes. One of the conflicts was that a middle class Indian woman named Priyanka was going to have an arranged marriage with a guy named Ganesh. Ganesh is really wealthy so there is no doubt that Priyanka’s parents would want her to marry him. But throughout the book Priyanka is indecisive whether or not she would want to go through with the marriage. The book One night at the Call Center proves that in the Indian culture it is important that one’s daughter or son gets an arranged marriage to someone that the parents approve of. With arranged marriages, the marriage is more for the family, the parents want wealth, and they want what’s best in their interest. In reality parents put too much pressure on their son or daughter to have an arranged marriage. At the end of the day it is their life and they are making a life long commitment if they…

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