Essay on One Movement

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Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto


Looking at my little cousin, ideas flew into my head-why can’t I put down something about children on paper? How can I show what goes on in the mind of children? How do children see the grown one in the world? As I have imagined all these things, I discovered that I can show this view through a play (drama). This play tried in the way it can to show the world view of children between the ages of five and seven, how the adults have influenced them and what(how) they perceive their actions, characters and utterances. The language of the characters is as the languages of the children in Nigerian
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They say I cannot put my books and clothes together, my Mummy always…

Chizzy: I want to baff myself, and brush my teeth but my Mummy doesn’t allow me.

Chioma: My Mummy baff me all the time, I want to baff myself too.

Chizzy: No, nobody cares about me. The maid is always busy. My sisters only know how to colour their eyes and lips, I want to grow up fast and do what they do.

Ugonna: (Laughs) you want to be like your sisters? Can you carry a big hand bag? Can you look or carry a big gallon of water on your head? I just want to be like my Daddy.

Chizzy: (points at Ugonna) you will not mind your toys, fat boy.

Ugonna: I will tell my daddy for you…

Chioma: You are not strong; you are fat boy who drinks only milk. In my house, my daddy always shouts at my Mummy. He even slaps and beats her. Ugonna, you are not a strong boy like my daddy.

Ugonna: (picks up a stick, points it towards the both girls). I will show you that I am stronger than two of you. Were you not there when I beat your brother the other day, where you not there… (Enters Ngozi crying, she has one of her hand covering her face).

Chizzy: Why are you crying?

Chioma: Who beat you?

Ngozi: It is Chukwuma and Angela, they say I cannot play with them.

Chioma: Do not mind them; you can stay with us now.

Ugonna: Angela, my sister and Chukwuma do not want to play with you and you want to join us? Go find your playmates.

Chizzy: Shut up, you fat boy…

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