One Minute Manager Essay example

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The One Minute Manager One Minute Manager is a short story written by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The story is about a young man who is in search of an effective manager because not only did he want to work for one but he is also wanted to become one. His search for this ideal manager took him to many places and made him interact with a lot of different individuals. He wasn’t pleased with what he encountered and he began to notice that most of the people he interviewed would fall into two categories: those who were interested in results and those were interested in people meaning their employees. He continued his search until he began to hear amazing stories about a manager that lived nearby. The young man met with this …show more content…
By re reading the goal setting one can determine where they are and come up with the possible solutions needed to meet the goal. This creates a more independent employee who solves their own problems .
One Minute praising is the second tactic and is when a manager compliments the employee when they do something correct. This process is done by observing your employee closely when the employee is new and instantly giving them a brief praise. The manager wants one to reach their full potential by catching doing them something right. Tell them how good you feel about what they did right, and how it helps the organization and the other people who work there and encourage them to do more of the same. This makes the employees feel good about them. After a subordinate has been with one for an employee for a while they have the ability to praise themselves when they do something right. They can review the data in the information system and check the sales and auto praise themselves when they see the results for example. That doesn’t mean that the manager stops praising them entirely.
The last tactic to become a One Minute Manager is the One Minute reprimands which consist of telling the employee when they do something wrong as soon as they do it. One must approach the employee and tell them precisely what they did wrong and inform how you

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