One Man, One Woman And Two Young Girls Essays

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One man, one woman, one boy, and two young girls. All accused and to be executed.

One swift motion led to the boy 's death. Blood dripped from the soldier 's sword. Anger boiled inside of me. I hastily signaled the others to rescue the family. Scanning the crowd, I spotted something very irregular.

A girl, half of her dark blonde hair tied up. She wore a dark green dress and a white cloak. She 's an Outcast. Was my first thought. It seemed like she was going to try and rescue the family. I walked behind her. I pull her from the crowd and cover her mouth with my hand.

"Don 't say a word."

She seemed like she was in too much shock to respond. She soon snapped out of a shock and slapped my hand, "What the hell do yo-"

"What is this?!" Yelled a guard.

Seven hooded figures appeared in the middle of the crowd and took hold of the family. Two fighting off the soldiers, four grabbing the family, and one carefully picked up the boy 's body. The seven and family soon disappeared, successfully escaping.

I took this chance of chaos to slip away from the public with the girl. "Where are we going?!" The girl exclaimed. "And who are you? What do you think you are doing?"

I didn 't answer her, so she continued to shout, "Answer me, damn it!"

I stopped and looked at her. "Don 't yell, you 're gonna get us caught. I 'll answer your questions when we get to the safe spot."

She stopped yelling and seeming very dissatisfied. We continued running for a while.

After a good 15 minutes,…

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