One Malaysia Essay

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One Malaysia has been introduced by the sixth Malaysia Prime Minister YAB Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak. Prime Minister chosen One Malaysia as his guide and goal for his premiership. One Malaysia is formed to re-orient Malaysia towards greater unity and success. National philosophy would be the concept of One region and Ultimately One World. One Malaysia is also known as one dream, one people and one nation. The two paramount cardinal principles underline in One Malaysia concept is to inculcate the sprit and values of togetherness and a sense of belonging among Malaysians, regardless of race, religion and creed. Which means that Malaysians will not be moving as separate communities but as one Malaysia. Unity and
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The Prime Minister has come up with term of “Malaysian people” which means puts its loyalties to the grater society

above all by dedicating to eight noble principles. The eight noble principles are perseverance, loyalty, acceptance, culture, education, humility, and meritocracy.

One Malaysia Concept is a continuation of the agenda of nation-building for the country to progress, the people must achieve progress first and this had to begin with the attitude of inter-racial acceptance which brought about strong unity. The elements of unity were supported by noble values which should be a part of the lifestyle of the people, including values such as mutual respect, piety, moderation in conduct and speech, and prudence in decisions and actions. The second aspect emphasized elements which should be the practice of any community which wanted to be progressive and successful. These elements encompassed a culture of excellence in discharging all duties and responsibilities, a culture of punctuality in terms of respecting time and upgrading efficiency, boldness in being innovative and exploring new opportunities, meritocracy in offering a task to the most qualified to implement based on the Federal Constitution and the country's policies. Undivided loyalty to the country, determination in facing any challenge, and integrity in all undertakings and transactions. The culture of these aspiration values would give rise

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