Essay about One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest

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We’re all a little Cuckoo
"Tingle, ting-le, tang-le toes, she 's a good fisherman, catches hens, puts 'em inna pens...wire blier, limber lock, three geese in a flock, one flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo 's nest...O-U-T- spells out...goose swoops down and plucks you out." (Kesey 283) A novel based off of a nursery rhyme must be peaceful and cheerful right? Not according to Ken Kesey. In his kaleidoscopic novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Kesey introduces the reader to a plethora of kooky, loony, and downright insane characters, all the while being set in a mental hospital in 1960’s. Kesey uses an overabundance of tones that, to the ordinary author, would be insane. The overabundance of tones creates incredibly colorful and interesting characters and descriptions. By using his experience in mental hospitals, Kesey gives incredible depth to the story. He even adventures in using elements of an entirely new literary time period. From the blank screen World Series, to the fishing trip, and all of the other insanity that ensues, Kesey is able to create an engrossing and fulfilling novel, with a slight flair of the psychedelic. Kesey writes with a multitude of tones which give One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest its incredibly unique feel. Few writers would be able to go from a tone of acid trip to machinery to humor in the span of only a few pages. Even fewer would be able to flow between tones as smoothly as Kesey. An example of this is when Chief, one of…

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