One-Dimensional Man Essay

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The introduction of Herbert Marcuse’s book, “One-dimensional Man,” shows us the problem that a democratic society creates. Though this book was written back in 1964, many can agree that what he says is true in today’s society. Different scenarios are also brought up to show us how things will be affected due to the advancements of technology. Marcuse wants us to see what will happen and what has happened to society through a series of changes.
Marcuse talked a lot about the necessities and luxuries of life. He called these the “true needs” and the “repressive needs.” He makes it a point to show us that the changes in society cause us to think differently. Most people are beginning to mistaken the “true needs” with the “repressive needs.”
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Marcuse says “Mass production and mass distribution claim the entire individual, and industrial psychology has long since ceased to be confined to the factory” (10). Anything that can be found within a household is mass produced. Most of which are machines that are used to help make everyday life easier. Society has become so accustom to having certain gadgets around that some people don’t even know how to perform simple tasks. Being able to mass produce an item is good in itself, but being able to distribute that product to an entire nation or even several nations is something else. This creates the potential of having the entire world depending on one company for a particular product.
Technology has become just another part of everyone’s life. Technology is constantly advancing and new products are always invented to help the daily routine of life, easier. Some examples of how certain inventions make life easier are the car, computer and internet. Being able to travel twice the distance in half the time makes the task of going to work and tending to your family much easier. Being able to send someone a document with a click of the mouse or even keeping in touch with family or friends that live far away. Since the workforce mainly consists of machines creating everything, people have begun to find things to do with their free time. Having actual free time to do things with the family or friends or even oneself is starting to become common according to Marcuse.

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