One Day Of Life Analysis

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The Ghost Bomb of the Cold War The height of the Cold War resulted in the closest moments humanity has reached to complete physical annihilation of the planet. Despite the fact that the Cold War did not erupt in a fiery storm of nuclear bombs aimed at enemies across the globe, instead ending in a tense lowering of arms, the residual effects felt around the world have been equally destructive as a nuclear warhead. The Cold War led to the destruction of the metaphysical psychology of the entire world since humanity faced the inevitability of changing war tactics. Humanity reached a point during this time that it could possibly never come back from. In the same way the ruins of a city are decimated in a bomb 's sea of fire, the spirit of many …show more content…
Unlike the other supplementary readings that were seen in the class, One Day of Life has a very personal tone that immerses the reader into the trials and tribulations of Lupe Guardado and her family in just twenty-four hours. The book 's emotional telling reflects only one day of the many years that the peasants and citizens of Latin America had to endure because of American military interference in their country. Although the characters are fictional, Manlio Argueta 's book is based on historical events that occurred in El Salvador for fifty years. The important insight into America 's personal role in El Salvador is shown in the insurgency fighter 's story because he mentions the different resources provided by the American military, from armed forces training to ideological and religious indoctrination. The mentality of the American government was that Latin America was full of "backward people prone to violence" and therefore more susceptible to the influence of communism, was it to reach that part of the globe. Realistically, the level of aggressiveness response by the U.S was not met by the immediate peril of communism in South America. Considering that this argument was the justification of the American government 's explanation for their actions in various countries, it weakens any defense in favor of the U.S in terms of the Cold War experienced in Latin

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