Once More For The Lake Essay

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Once More to the Lake” Analyzing the Text Essay

This is one reader 's take on E.B. White “Once More to the Lake” essay. I hope this helps other reader be able to understand “Once More to the Lake”. Everyone has there own take on something especially when it 's something they read.

“Once More to the Lake” is a essay written by E.B. White it first appeared in Harper 's magazine in 1941. The essay is a “mixture of description and narration”(640). White tells of a time when he went to a lake in Maine in his childhood and how now he is taking his very own son to the same spot that he use to go too. He tells the passage with such visual detail that you can see what he is seeing and feel what White is feeling.

The reader for this essay who be mainly anyone with children or that are older than thirty. The fact the Whites story had to do with a middle-aged father wanting his son to experience what he did as a child. Most parents do that with there children. Hoping that they can share something with there children that they use to do when they where younger. White take it to a whole different level not only did he want to have his son experience the same thing but White want to experience it again as his son. He has a very hard time figuring out what has him or his son.

It gives allot of perspective on what a parent would feel when experiencing something like that with there child. What a parent thinks about and what he are feeling. Also how surrounding have changed from the…

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