Essay on On Trial For Kidnapping?

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Fanfiction: On Trial for Kidnapping? While many people find themselves indulging in late night binge-watching or gauging on unhealthy fast food, some would consider their guilty pleasure to be reading fanfiction. Fanfiction is a story written by fans that takes elements from a previously established setting and transforms the already fixed plot into something entirely new. The elements that pre-exist might be characters, locations, objects, or institutions adapted from another source. A fanfiction author typically writes a story using one or more characters from these developed settings. These stories offer new scenarios that fans have not seen or read before in the original source, allowing for endless amounts of imagination. However, is fanfiction a genre that promotes the original source it is based on or does just skirting with the copyright infringement line hurt the original source it is drawing from? This debate has surfaced among many prolific authors. There are many authors who support the idea of fanfiction and what it can mean for their books, but other authors think that fanfiction has led to the capturing of their own characters and ideas and essentially a violation of their copyrights. Even though there a few authors who despise it, fanfiction does not infringe on copyright rights and should continue to be an option for fans to indulge in. Fanfiction provides readers with the rare chance to be the one in control. Imagine you’re reading your favorite book…

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