On The Fear Of Death By Elisabeth Kubler Ross Essay

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In Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ essay, “On the Fear of Death,” she claims that the more science advances, the more people fear and deny death, and she includes various kinds of evidence to enhance her opinions on death. She describes the changes made in society and how they affect people. She starts with how science has changed the time of death for most people, then moves on to how our unconscious mind deals with death and how types of people deal with death. She finally compares a death in an older society to a death in the modern society. Kubler-Ross begins her essay with describing how science has changed the demographics of death. In the past, most families had at least one death in infancy or childhood, so people experienced death several times before they died. There were also many afflictions that killed young adults and middle-aged people, yet with science the deaths of children and young people diminished greatly. Kubler-Ross writes that the amount of elderly people is rising and with it rises the number of people with malignancies and chronic diseases most often associated with old age. People are treated more easily and so fewer of them seek extended medical help, and more seek emotional help. The elderly also seek more help because there are more of them, many of whom never get the emotional help they need to overcome their growing fear of death and coping with their friends dying before them. Death for the elderly is hard because they have already seen so much…

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