On the Equality of Sexes Essay

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American History I

November 19th 2012

On the Equality of Sexes Throughout history, there have been many rebels who have stood up for ideals in which they personally had felt were wrong in society. By choosing to stand against the wrongs of society, those revolutionaries have led to numerous changes in our modern society of this day and age. In the essay Judith Sargent Murray had written “On the Equality of Sexes”, she had discussed about the issue behind how women are not inferior to men. Murray’s father had not sent her to college, but instead sent Murray’s brother to Harvard. Murray had overcome the obstacle of not going to college, and despite having her brother go to Harvard; she strived through adversity to write such a
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“As their years increase, the sister must be wholly domesticated” Such statements could only replicate the type of society that women have been raised in. Women are acknowledged as having enslavement towards the domestication of our homes. Murray’s focus was on how women are automatically put into the same mind set as men depict them as; from this occurring; men have always looked down on them. But the real issue behind this controversy is how men have always been given better opportunities then women, based off the sexist pretenses. That being said, women had never been looked beyond what men have depicted them as, and by doing so it holds women back from their full potential and doesn’t allow them to be looked at to other above and beyond the assumptions thought of them. Women hadn’t always chosen to do the common tasks the men have always pushed on them. Majority of the time, they are chosen into that position but more pushed into doing certain tasks. Murray stated in the reading that women have an indefinite role in society. Society did not have a role for women yet. Instead of extending opportunities for women like they do for men, they domesticated them. By doing such actions it had initially makes the women mentally weakened because it forces them to do the same consecutive tasks. Women had always been capable of so much more to offer the society, but due to the limitations which was brought upon them, they never were able reach

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