On Misunderstanding The Oedipus Rex Essay

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In Section I of “On Misunderstanding the Oedipus Rex,” E. R. Dodds refutes the moralizing interpretation of Aristotle 's hamartia. Dodds started by dispelling the scholars, Victorian Critics misconception about Aristotle 's hamartia. In his first paragraph, Dodds from the 13th chapter of the poetics, has made clear of Aristotle 's interpretation. Aristotle believes that Oedipus falls into misfortune because of some serious αμαρτία [hamartia].According to Victorian critics, Oedipus misfortune was directly occasioned by some serious hamartia. Victorian critics still looks on to Aristotle 's misinterpreted idea.

In his second paragraph, Dodds explains why the moralizing view of the Victorian critics are incorrect. Dodds described the word hamartia as ambiguous, which means open to more than one interpretation. The Victorian critics have thought before that the of Oedipus must in Aristotle’s perspective be an ethical flaw. The Victorians run over the play with a magnifying lens searching for good blames in Oedipus, and have properly discovered them for neither here nor anyplace else did not Sophocles depict that flat and improbable character, a man of flawless excellence. Since Poetics 13 is when all is said in done worried with the ethical character of the lamentable legend, numerous researchers have thought before that of Oedipus must in Aristotles perspective of moral fault.

In the third paragraph, Dodds disputes with the traditionalist critic on the interpretation of…

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