On Combat Essay

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On Combat: Grossman and Christensen Self development is one of the critical variables in the four domains of Army Leadership Development. In an effort to help expand the contexts related to self development, Grossman and Christensen’s On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace, add strong information to self development that would be useful to all military and police personnel. Picking up where his earlier work, On Killing, left off, Grossman and Christensen examine all facets of deadly combat including preparation/training, the actual moment of conflict and even debriefing at the conclusion of combat. The self development advocated by the authors establishes the true context of being a warrior, which …show more content…
Rather than simply stating that this must occur, Grossman and Christensen demonstrate actual breathing techniques that can be used by the combatant to control their heart rate and thereby allow them to establish greater control (112). In addition, the authors explain how sleep and fitness work into the equation of being and efficacious warrior. Beyond the physiology of combat is the Perceptual Disorders. In this second section of the book, Grossman and Christensen demonstrate the types of perceptual disorders that affect most people during combat situations. Some of the perceptual occurrences that happen 80% or over of the time include auditory exclusion and tunnel vision (200). Similarly, Over 50% of combatants experience time in slow motion and heightened visual acuity (201). The third section of the work, Mental Attitude, explores what constructs are necessary for a person to occupy the role of a warrior. For self development, the authors show how training is perhaps the best methodology for building the correct mental attitudes in combatants. Everything from never killing a warrior in training to instill the habit of survival in the minds of the combatant is covered in this chapter (224). The authors outline the use of the correct weapon, the skill to use that weapon and the knowledge that you will use that weapon if necessary as the three basic things needed to survive a lethal encounter. Rather than rooting the

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