Essay on Olympics - Overhyped

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Hosting sports extravaganzas – A boost to the economy or the boost is just a myth.
Brazil, a nation which is the fifth largest – both by area and population, co-incidentally has five stars on its national football kit, each for every world cup they have won. The game of football has found numerous admirers, fans and players in this Latin American nation, and each time the game was played on its soil, Brazilians have never disappointed. They have turned up in huge numbers and have unanimously supported and loved the game. Therefore, it was no surprise that Brazil would paint itself yellow and green all over again in June-July 2014, when the world’s greatest sporting extravaganza was about to reach the shores of Sao Paulo. However, the
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Although such words sound good to ears, many doubts linger at the back of our mind. Let us look into a few examples before reaching into a conclusion. We will consider a few examples in order to see whether the fear shown by the people of the host nations is true, or the rosy pictures that the governments paint have an edge over those fears. In order to avoid any deviations, we would consider nations which have hosted similar kind of games, say, the Olympics.
London (present day, 2014) – Two years back London spent a whopping $15 billion in order to host the Olympic Games. These days, the Olympic complex is full of hustle and bustle with shopping malls carved out of the structures in the complex; the quarters that hosted the athletes have been converted into residential flats and condos.
Athens (present day, 2014) – In contrast the city which hosted mankind’s first Olympics is still symbolically regretting the $15 billion investment that it made in 2004 to host the games for the second time. There, the main complex stands like a forlorn structure, the buildings are derelict and in a state of disrepair while the landscape is depressing, to say the least. Athens symbolizes something which every nation should be wary of – what after the Olympics? During the games and right

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