Essay On Ancient Olympics

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It has always been a dream of mine to compete long distance races at the Olympic Games. With that in mind, I hadn’t thought about the origins of distance racing at a competitive level. Without the Greeks’ establishment for the Games, the modern Olympics may never had been created. Certainly the ancient Olympics, first foot races need far more attention than they receive. A large part of the Greek education was a healthy body and a competitive spirit and so that organized one of the first athletic competitions. The Greeks played a key role in the establishment of distance running races at the Olympics. The diaulos, dolicho and stadion foot races were the first events added to the Games overtime. These ancient Olympic races have many corresponding …show more content…
The ancient Games used personal trainers in hopes of optimizing their chance for success, this is similar to the modern Games because athletes have coaches and/or physical trainers. Although the modern Olympics uses a different measurement compared to the ancient Olympics, many of the races are equivalent to the same length. The ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics both have very strict rules and consequences for unethical behavior. Today, the Olympics allow men and women to compete, but in the ancient Olympics only men could compete and some women couldn’t even spectate. Particularly the basic difference between the ancient and modern Olympics is that for the ancient Greeks’ competing was way of saluting their gods, whereas in the modern Games it’s based among their athletic talents.
The Olympics Games didn’t continue from 776 BCE to present day. The ancient Games came to an end in 394 CE because Emperor Theodosius ordered the closure of all pagan events (Cartwright). For over more than a millennium, the ancient Games hosted 293 Olympics. Who could have guessed that a millennium later we would still be celebrating sporting achievements this

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