Olympic Athletes And The Olympic Games Essay

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How many people in the world have not heard of the Olympics? Not many. Olympic athletes come from nearly every country in the world and have all different talents. Athletes like these have been around for a very long time and will continue to stay around. They started out in the Ancient Olympics with sports like the Chariot Races and the Javelin throw, but have moved on to things like gymnastics and figure skating. Despite being very different from Modern Olympics, the Ancient Olympics were very similar in terms of sports and time, changed a lot over time, and brought countries together during times of war. When the Ancient Olympics first began, in 776 B.C., they were a festival celebrating the Greek God Zeus (The Olympic Games). This festival was held in one of the biggest cities in Greece, Olympia (Penn Museum). In the first place, the Olympics were only a day long, however after a few Olympiads, increments of four years between Olympics, it was changed to a five day program (Ancient Olympic Events). Competitions did not begin until the second day of the program, because the first day was the opening ceremony. The ceremony contained oaths being taken by the athletes and judges (Ancient Olympic Events). Events began on the second day, with small things that not many people wanted to watch; like boxing and wrestling. Continuing to the third day, 100 oxen were sacrificed to Zeus, and the popular events began after (Ancient Olympic Events). By the time the fourth…

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