Olpers Milk Case Study

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Abstract Summary 3
Introduction 4
LO1: Establishment of selected brand and management over time 4
P1: Importance of Brand as marketing tool 4
LO2: Portfolio and hierarchy management of Olpers Milk 7
Brand portfolio strategies 7
Hierarchy building 7
Development of brand equity at different levels of the hierarchy 8
LO3: Brand extension and Leverage approach of Olpers Milk 11
LO4: Techniques for measurement and management of brand value of Olpers Milk 13
Conclusion and Recommendations 15
Conclusion 15
Recommendations 16

Abstract Summary
This report has discussed in detail brand management of Olpers Milk offered by Engro foods. The report has discussed in detail the brand building strategies involving brand pyramid, brand equity.
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It includes design, logo or any unique symbol which represents a company. Brand management deals with crafting and sustaining a brand in market. It is not easy to establish a brand, whereas maintenance and management of brand is even challenging. Brand management is essential to retain customers in long term in any market (Bhat, 2016).
From hand wash to air fleet, products are sold and demanded by brands names in market. Customers select and stick to a specific brands which meets their needs and demands. This report has discussed in detail the brand management of Olpers Milk in Pakistan.
LO1: Establishment of selected brand and management over time
Due to intense competition in market, it is not easy for companies retain market share in long term. Companies innovate constantly to keep their customer satisfied and loyal in long term. Brand management involves setting brand specifications, positioning the brand in market. It also deals with delivering the brand values as per expectations of customers (Wiedmann,
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It also aids in proper positioning of a brand in market through making it presentable and well-known to customers. The ideal brand positioning is achieved through marketing strategies (Herr, et al., 2000). Engro foods follow effective marketing strategies such as personal marketing, Email-marketing etc. to capture customer attention.
LO2: Portfolio and hierarchy management of Olpers Milk
Brand portfolio strategy aims at increasing strength of a brand. Portfolio is necessary to support a brand by attracting customers by creating awareness among them.
Brand portfolio strategies
Effective brand portfolio strategies help in higher return on investment for the marketing budget invested. There are several brand portfolio strategies which help in improving the worth of a brand. It includes branded house and branded property models.
Branded house:
In this case, firm or company is the brand itself. The market sectors and the products offered to customers are primary brands. In case of Engro foods, the brand is the name of the group of companies (Gnecchi, 2005). Apple and Google use branded house strategies to improve the value of company portfolios. It is one-firm brand strategy with a single logo and marketplace positioning.

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