Oloudah Equiano Analysis

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Throughout this essay I will voice my opinion about three topics on the life of Oloudah Equiano. The first is how his own experiences related to what was going on in the world during the sixteen through eighteen hundreds. Next, I’ll add details about how his identity reflected the African, American, and European cultures. Then finally why I believe he chose to live in England once he acquired his freedom from slavery. I will start off how Equiano’s life experiences show what is happening around the world at the time. First off, his life shows limited knowledge and connection of Europeans with inland Africans. As they are not very aware that his native country is not full of complete savages even having laws in place. Slavery is an obvious …show more content…
I’ll start with his identity in relation to Europe. When he is first a slave he is very admirable of their knowledge. He adapts the concept of God and starts going to church, becoming very religious. Him becoming a Christian also reflects the European culture, as this was not common in Africa at the time before he was a slave. He has many of their morals and manners after being around them so long as well. England is basically his adopted country as he chooses to live there once regaining his freedom. Now, for how his African culture is reflected. This is his home and spoken of highly throughout the book. The also believe in one Supreme Being so he keeps this in a sense after adopting the religion of Christianity. He maintains his belief slavery should not be as it is comparing it to slavery in his homeland at points. Equiano thinks some of the European norms are strange at first as well such as touching the dead and eating without first washing their hands. He speaks highly of his people and think if the Europeans just give them a chance that the Africans will adopt many mannerisms and morals from the Europeans such as he has. Then finally how his personality ties to the American culture. I believe his personality reflects a few very American ideas. Such as him making himself become so successful even though he starts with nothing. This reflects the American idea that anyone can be successful, only taking hard work and perseverance. Which both are hard work and perseverance are shown while working toward freedom. Attempting to earn it from two masters and achieving it through the second master. Then how hard he works in trading to raise money to buy his freedom. The other very American idea I believe his personality shows is fighting for what he believes is right. He fights for many things from his religion, to slavery, even to things such as not letting white men cheat him when it

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