Ollo Wimax Internet Service Provider Essay examples

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1. Background of the Company and the Brand

Ollo is a common brand (co-branding) used by two local ISP operators New Generation Graphics Limited (NGGL) and Bangladesh Internet Exchange Limited (BIEL). Both companies have separate independent of each other networks and each customer signs the contract (by signing a registration form) with both. In order to use the worldwide expertise and the latest technologies, maintain high quality standards for the service and customer care both companies joined a group of international telecommunication service providers - MULTINET GROUP, which operates next generation networks in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Ollo is a well known company which
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They offer wireless Internet connection for business and private customers with a wide range of products & services. NGGL and BIEL have the permission to provide internet service of frequency band 3.4-3.6 GHz, i.e. each company has independent frequencies allocated by BTRC and used by them independently in separate networks. However, the mobility features of the network are disabled. Therefore, customers of OLLO cannot enjoy mobility features of internet services according to the regulatory requirements.

Ollo will emerge as the market leader in wireless internet by delivering next generation technology to the people of Bangladesh. They will deliver high quality data products and services and utilize technology to encourage social and economic growth. They will stimulate the local economies, create jobs and provide opportunities for value added services that benefit all Bangladeshis. Ollo will invest in communities through socially responsible corporate programs which will improve the social economic well being of Bangladesh.


Ollo is the brand with one idea & one brand promise of Infinite Possibilities - that is discovering endless opportunities day by day through its values- fast in providing the service, reliable & innovative. They enable people to live the Ollo side of life which is adventurous, cheerful, full of energy, always with new ideas, colorful, vibrant & having fun. Thus they've a selling line in each of our communication & that is-

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