Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens Essay

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Oliver Twist is one of Charles Dickens successful novels. It was published in 1837. The novel took place in the 19th century London. The theme of Oliver Twist is the cruelty that orphans suffered at the hand of the 19th century. Charles Dickens wrote the novel Oliver Twist to express his thoughts on how the rich treated the poor and how he felt about the laws regarding the poor. In addition, he also wrote Oliver Twist with the goal of changing the way on how people treated and thought of the poor. The main character of the novel or the protagonist is a boy named Oliver. He is a poor orphan who seems destined for a life of misery and crime. The novel starts with the birth of Oliver Twist. Oliver’s mother died after giving birth to him in a workhouse. Nobody knows who his mother was, but the doctor noticed that she was not wearing a wedding ring. Oliver’s father is unknown; therefore, he is placed in a private workhouse. The overseer, at the workhouse where Oliver was living, does not feed the children often. They pocket the extra money that they would have been spending on food and clothing for the children. Oliver remains in that private workhouse for nine years until the minister comes. The minister comes to inform that Oliver was too old to stay at the establishment. Since no one has been able to discover the identity of Oliver’s, parent the overseer asks how Oliver gets his name. The minister replies that he keeps a list of names in alphabetical order, naming the…

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