Oligarchy And Democracy Essay

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B1. In Aristotle’s ‘Politics’ the best form of democracy and the best form of oligarchy seem to be highly similar. In order to fully understand these forms of government one must be able to further understand certain topics mentioned in book IV of the ‘Politics’. First, one must comprehend the analogy of gymnastics with politics and why Aristotle used this example. Secondly, the bad forms of oligarchy and democracy and why they are bad. Finally, the good forms of oligarchy and democracy and what these superior forms of government share that make them a good governments. In the beginning of Book IV Aristotle uses an analogy of the art of gymnastic. His analogy explains how there are different modes of training to different types of people. Aristotle elucidates how the best form of training “must suit that which is by nature best and best furnished with the means of life” (Aristotle, Politics 1205). The best form of training, must also be …show more content…
Aristotle uses the analogy of the art of gymnastic to make clear that there is a best form of government and even though this best form of government might not be practiced, simpler versions of this could be noted. There is also an explanation of the wicked forms of oligarchy and democracy, these are governments where a citizen or group of citizens are above the law and this should never be the case. The good forms of democracy and oligarchy seemed to both find a point where numerous people share in the government, but the law is never above them. Aristotle then finds a mean of the two where the wealth of oligarchy and the freedom of democracy are encouraged, this government is a constitutional government or a polity. Both the rich and the poor share in this government and are equal under the

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