Oleanna Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment can be described in many ways. Standing to close or having body contact, sexual gestures or verbal abuse of sexual nature are all part of sexual harassment (). However, some of the motions that people take on during the day are nothing out the ordinary, just an act of being friendly. How would one know if they went to far? Would one know if they were being sexual harassed? Or, if they were the one doing the harassing?
In the beginning of Oleanna, all the power was in Johns hands. John was the professor, the one who called all the shots. One day, a student named Carol had a complaint on the way Professor John was teaching. She needed help understanding the topic. So, like any student would do, she asked for help. John then realized that it was his fought that Carol did not understand. So,
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She knew as soon as she got the power over him she could tear him down. She was at fault, he did nothing wrong. He was just trying to help her. He may have been standing too close and touching her shoulder, but this was nothing out of the ordinary for some people. She pushed him to the point where he would take action. There may have been some miscommunication the whole period, but there was no 'rape ' involved. Maybe, John could had went about the situation in a different way because people use gestures that are normal when talking to someone, but in school systems it is sexual harassment. She got him right where she wanted him. Therefore, he tried to get her to understand, and when his family and job was in danger he started to stress and that’s what caused the action. An that 's when Carol received all the power and took him down for everything he was worth and that was his breaking point. Everything he had created and established over the years his family and his job was destroyed in the matter of

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