Older Adults Is Not An Easy Process Essays

1557 Words Sep 6th, 2016 null Page
Growing older is a reality of life, that hopefully everyone will have to face. Although transitioning to an older adult may be an inevitable process in the human experience, my personal interactions with the aged have been fairly limited. My interactions with older adults have mostly consisted of relationships with all of my grandparents and a great grandmother. Even without extensive exposure to the aged population as a whole, it is clear to me that the aging process looks vastly different for every individual. I have also repeatedly observed that aging is not something to be fearful of, but can embraced beautifully. While there are some older adults that have seemingly mastered the art of aging gracefully, others are still struggling with what it means to be an older adult. Growing older is not an easy process. Not only are there physical restrictions that are place on some, but society imposes limitations as well. Much of the discrimination that I have seen against older adults is intentional. Although there are some laws in place to ensure that discrimination against older adults does not happen, it is still common today. Just last year my sister told me of a lawsuit that involved an older adult that was wrongly terminated due to age. The fact that the older adult won the case is proof that there is still agism and intentional discrimination against older adults. Some of the discrimination is intentional, but other acts of discrimination are carried out without the…

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