Old White Female With Short, Light Blond Hair Essay

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The subject is a 71 year old white female with short, light blond hair. She is approximately 5’7” with a heavy-set build. She wore neatly pressed white slacks and a black button-up floral-print blouse. She grew up in Maine and was raised by her mother and stepfather. She had a younger half-brother whom she was very close to and spent a large portion of her childhood providing care for her brother while her parents worked. The subject married her first husband after dating briefly, at the age of seventeen. The marriage lasted for 7 years and produced five children. She met her second husband Tom, almost immediately following her separation from her first husband and they began dating. They married within a year and remained married for 42 years. He passed away from pancreatic cancer 4 years ago. The subject currently lives in a 1-bedroom condominium which is located in an aged 65+ retirement community in NH. The condominium grounds are clean and well-manicured. The interior of the home was bright and well lit. Family photos were prominently displayed on the walls, end tables and mantle of the fireplace in the living room along with various knick-knacks. The subject enjoys golf, gardening, bowling, camping and attending antique car shows. She regularly goes country line-dancing and swimming at her local YMCA to stay in shape.

Summary: The article Dating and Courtship in the later years by Lori J.…

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