Old Testament Case Study

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Right vs. Wrong:
How Did a Christian in the Old Testament Know If They Have Sinned? Criminals, we know them and we have them. In order to be a criminal you must commit a crime. Question is how does one know when a crime is committed? Laws the answer to the question is laws. Laws are created to keep order. Imagine America without a president. It would be very chaotic and people would be out of control. In Judges 21:28, Israel was without a king. Everyone was right in their own sight. This is an example of how America would be without a president. To prevent situations like that we elect people to make and enforce laws. In America, we have laws like drivers’ manual, road signs, HIPPA rules, and etc. These laws are put into effect to have order
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He had to live with the fact he killed his brother for the rest of his life. Killing someone did not go unpunished in the old testaments. The seventh commandment is “You shall not commit adultery”. Adultery means sexual relations between a married woman and a man other than her husband (christianbiblereference). In other words, you should not cheat on husband or wife. An example of adultery in the Old Testament is when King David slept with another man’s wife. 2 Samuel chapter 11 tells all about the story. In summary, King David was lusting after a married woman by the name Bathsheba. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite. Not only did King David commit adultery with the woman, he had her husband killed by making sure he was in front on the battlefield. It did not only stop there the man’s wife was pregnant with King David’s child. Committing adultery in the Old Testament was a sin. Therefore, King David did not go unpunished. In Second Samuel 12, he was held accountable for his actions. God spared his life, but took the life of his born son. His wives also slept with someone close to him. Committing a sin was not something that could go unpunished in the Old Testament. The eighth commandment speaks on stealing. It clearly states in Exodus 20: 15, thou shalt not steal. What that meant if it was not yours do not take it. It does not belong to you. A biblical character in the bible who stole was Achan. This story can be found in Joshua 7. In summary, the story is about how God said everything in Jericho was his, but Achan from Judah took some things for himself. His actions had caused God to be angry with Israel. Because of Achan’s disobedience he and his family were stoned to death. After that the Lord stopped being angry with Israel. In the Old Testament, stealing was a sin and because this was the old law, punishment was necessary. The ninth commandment is in Exodus 20:16. It is “Thou shalt not bear false

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