Old Testament Book Summaries Essay

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Cheryl Welch


Bible 104 D67

November 15, 2011

Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books


The genre of this book is law and it was written by Moses, although it is believed that Joshua reported on his death. The key themes include God’s covenant with Israel, instructions on the early Israelite religion, instructions on the sacrificial system, holiness, cleanliness and the priesthood. God had intervened and delivered the people from slavery and was now establishing his expectations for their behavior and conduct. The major events are God speaking to Moses on Mt. Sinai and giving him the instructions for the structure of the socioeconomic-judicial-political-religious system. These instructions include
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The book also indicates two comings of the messiah, one of suffering and one to reign. He speaks of God’s judgment but also of his mercy in that by the end of Isaiah we are given a picture of a restoration of the nation after exile. Isaiah prophesizes redemption of the nation through the “servant” Messiah. This “suffering servant” brings an end to the effects of the fall, and brings final redemption to the people of Israel.


The genre of this book is narrative. Written during the time of Judges, this book stands in stark contrast to the grave tales in the book of Judges. Ruth is the story of a Moabite woman who is widowed and follows her mother in law to Bethlehem. The major themes in the book of Ruth are love, faithfulness of the Lord, and righteousness. It shows the way non Israelites were accepted into the nation. The major events are the meeting and marriage of Ruth and Boaz. Boaz follows the socioeconomic provisions put in place by God, such as kinsman redeemer and gleaning. Boaz shows his faithfulness to the Lord by allowing widows to glean from his crops, where he first sees Ruth. Boaz upholds God’s covenant and helps Ruth to reclaim her family’s land by becoming her kinsman redeemer. Ruth and Boaz marry and receive God’s favor by becoming the great grandparents of King

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