Old Spice: Revitalizing Glacial Falls Essay

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Old Spice: Revitalizing Glacial Falls

Context: In 2007, P&G reported a growth of 5% in volume and a 3% increase in revenue for its Old Spice brand. The achievement was deemed "flat" when P&G had maintained a competitive media spending of 23% in the men's deodorant category. As a result, Mauricio O'Connell, assistant brand manager was tasked to address the reasons for the foundering sales of Glacial Falls scent, which was the worst performing scent not only in Old Spice's portfolio but also in the entire category.
Diagnosis: Red Zone line is the higher-end product offering of the Old Spice brand featuring the Glacial Falls scent. From Exhibit 6, we see that consumers of this product enjoy the benefit of the enduring power of the scent
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Glacial Falls offers an important ability to block the odor for extended periods of time, a quality highly admired by the younger age group because odor elimination is equivalently perceived to boost male confidence. Further, to win over the younger customers, Glacial Falls should capitalize on the confident, smarter image of mature men capable of taking care of themselves as well as their women, an image that is portrayed the parent Old Spice brand.
Implementation: To improve sales of Glacial Falls scent through the proposed solution above, P&G should offer Glacial Falls as a high-end product at a reasonable price (lower end of the Red Zone product line) because the younger generation (primarily the college students with low student-level income) should be able to afford it. The media campaigns should link the odor-eliminating feature of this product as a confidence boosting element for the younger generation thus energizing them every morning and keeping their spirits up throughout the day. Next, P&G needs to improve the product packaging and highlight an outdoors and an adventurous campaign easily connecting this generation with the benefits offered by the Glacial Falls scent. Finally, P&G should highlight the Red Zone line of product more that the Old Spice branding to market the scent effectively to the males in the 12-24 age group who detest an association with the elderly fragrance.
Positioning Statement: To the younger

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