Old Spice And Old Spice: An Analysis Of Commercials

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When creating commercials, marketers need to establish a targeted audience. Depending on the brand it can be targeted towards women, men, little kids, adults, old people or sometimes a combination of them all. When body wash commercials are designed, the two different types of targeted audiences are either for men or women. Advertisements for men and women differ by promoting different results based on what each gender wants. While men’s commercials promote his desire for getting the woman, women’s commercials promise the result in having their desired aesthetically pleasing skin.
Old Spice creates commercials that are targeted for men but speak personally to women. In the commercial “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” an athletic, attractive
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By creating a commercial that is so extreme, the unrealistic parts of the commercials are just interpreted as comical. The character believes that he can get any woman and do whatever he so pleases simply based on how his body wash smells. He continuously asks the viewer to look at him or herself then back at him only to realize that he is better. This is another use of pathos. Men desire to be the best and will do anything in a sense to be the “manliest man.” By drawing in the viewer’s attention in such a positive manner, the viewer is more likely to purchase the product. While the designers did not use logos, the commercial is still memorable to the customer. Although the end result of getting the girl and gaining confidence is not promised, it 's still effective by the use of …show more content…
In the commercial targeted towards women, it was not focused on how attractive or fit the women were. While they did not have the most athletic looking bodies, Dove knew more women would be attracted to the product because of the ability to relate to the actors. They saw women on the screen they could relate too, not stick figure models. While Dove goes for more realistic characters, Old Spice again goes extreme by showing model-like men with perfect bodies, flaunting them around.
Although there are differences in the two advertising schemes, both commercials speak to women and generally promote the same result. Both Dove and Old Spice promise that after using their products you will be benefited. While they both promote smelling fresh and clean after you will also either gain a new sense of confidence in who you are or gain smooth

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