Old Dogs : Is It Inherent For Associate The Elderly With Mothballs And Bingo?

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Old Dogs
Is it inherent to associate the elderly with mothballs and bingo? Is it a natural occurrence in nature for the youth to regard their ancestors as merely artefacts of a generation long gone, remnants of a society brought up by different social values and morals. Where have those beliefs of decades ago gone, where the elderly were considered oracles of wisdom and knowledge? Has the Internet connected us so extensively to the point that we no longer need to know of our own history and heritage? I can say confidently now that I myself was one of those people, always hearing but never listening, never fully engaging myself amongst those history lessons during Christmas lunch, never wishing to learn, never wishing to fully grasp an understanding.
It was through one unlikely conversation with my grandmother had I finally realised this misconception I’ve held throughout my brief life. A bizarre occurrence to say the least, it was through a simple dinner suggestion that something in my mind clicked. ‘How about burgers?’ my grandmother suggested. Burgers? Is she pulling my leg, all the time living with her had never prepared me for this; her Soviet hating ways, capitalistic morals nor her global warming naivety had been comparable to the simple suggestion of burgers for dinner. ‘You’re kidding right?’ responding in adequate confidence knowing I had not yet fallen to her deception. ‘Why, what’s wrong with burgers for dinner?’ she questioned back with a strange mockery in her…

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