Essay Olaudah Equiano 's ' The Life Of Olaudah '

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Olaudah Equiano’s book, The Life of Olaudah Equiano is a first-hand account of a truly inspiring and eye-opening story about the harsh experiences of being an African slave in the 18th century. Through notes, letters and first hand experiences, Equiano explains his life story of being a slave within twelve chapters. Each chapter of his book contains different parts of his life, describing the tragedies, relationships, horrific conditions while being a slave, and many other experiences within his life. Equiano writes the chapters in chronological order based on how the events occurred in his life. Equiano talks about the various vessels that he boarded throughout his life and the various countries and islands that he visited while enslaved. Equiano describes his life as a slave, but also once he is emancipated. He describes the terrible conditions and horrific ways of torture that the slaves on ships had to experience. Equiano also expresses his point of view on Christianity and explains the ways in which his faith was challenged throughout his life. Overall, Equiano explains his life journey, while at the same time explains in great detail the tragedy of the slave trade in hopes of bringing change. The book, The Life of Olaudah Equiano is a perfect example of a primary source. The book is a first-hand account of Olaudah Equiano’s life, written by Equiano. The book was first published in 1814 by James Nicholas in England, but the introductory note in the beginning of the…

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