Essay about Olaudah Equiano 's Narrative And Other Writings

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Olaudah Equiano: The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings is an autobiography about an African American man, Olaudah Equiano, who tells of his story as a slave. The story is not pleasant, nor enjoyable, and by that I mean slavery is not a pretty sight. It’s not something people like to talk about, and I would imagine it is especially hard to write an autobiography about it. In the Preface, Equiano provides a note to the reader stating that he has been accused of lying about his birthplace. He has provided a newer addition to the reader, and to defend what others have said about him. He says this about the new edition, “hoping it may still be the means, in its measure, of showing the enormous cruelties practiced on my sable brethren, and strengthening the generous emulation now prevailing in this county, to put a speedy end to a traffic both cruel and unjust” (Equiano, pg. 5). There are several letters that are mentioned from different people. They are arguing that they highly recommend the book. I think the author did this so the reader can get excited about reading the book, and to look forward what it offers. Equiano starts off as a young boy who is kidnapped along with his sister. He comes from Eboe, a place that revolves around marriage and law. Throughout the book, Equiano is placed with several different slave masters, some more kind than others. He develops relationships throughout his journey, some that he will cherish forever. He bonds with certain people that…

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