Olaudah Equiano 's Narrative And Other Writings Essay

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Today the subject of slavery is taught in American schools as a tremendously important aspect of history. However, the topic is taught in the broadest sense, only expanding students’ knowledge as far as that slavery was, an inhumane method of free labor, abolished as a result of the Civil War, and is remembered today as the nation’s greatest shame. Olaudah Equiano, otherwise known as Gustavus Vassa’s, memoir The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings further expands readers’ knowledge on the topic of slavery, by describing the brutalities and adversities the author witnessed and experienced as a slave. What is unique about Equiano’s narrative is that because his account provides a personal view into the life of an actual African slave, his book provides the specific vivid detail that accurately acknowledges the reasons why slavery was in fact so terrible. Olaudah Equiano personal narrative is successful in demonstrating the hardships and experiences that both African slaves and freeman faced while trying to survive in a time period dominated by European society. The Interesting Narrative and Other writings, is a personal narrative on the life of Olaudah Equiano’s, a slave who earned his freedom. As a result of the infrequency of Africans who could read and write during this time period, Equiano’s book is identified today as one of the most important archives of African American history. The book begins in a rather unusual way, with a preface, written by Equiano to…

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