Olaudah Equiano And Thomas Hobbes Essay

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History of civil government, although long and complex, can be summed up as continuing crises of authority, ranging from the French Revolution, to the American Revolution, all the way to World War II. Moments of disruption and disorientation are key factors in world history, carving the path that history will take for future generations. These moments of confusion and distress did not come without the commentary of people from all backgrounds. Two of these commentators, Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Hobbes, authors of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa, the African, Written by Himself , and Leviathan (respectively) shared their stories of disruption in their own lives. Although offering much different viewpoints and opinions, Equiano 's and Hobbes 's texts serve to present historical context and provide meaning to the term "crisis of authority". Thomas Hobbes published his work of Leviathan in 1651, the same year that the English Civil War came to a close. This correlation in dates comes as no surprise, as Leviathan’s composure was inspired by the disruptions shaking mid 17th century Europe. Hobbes’s hopes in publishing his work was to attempt to explain the nature of man, and to give support to the idea of strong central government. “Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called war; and such a war as is of every man against every man”…

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