Okonkwo's Disagreement of Christian Religion Essay

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The fearsome anger of Okonkwo causes Nwoye to be brutally beaten continuously until a loud voice of Uchendu, Okonkwo’s uncle, became heard from the outer compound. “Leave that boy at once!” (chapter 17. page.152), Uchendu shouts. Because of Okonkwo anger and determination towards Nwoye, Uchendu steps into the obi to create an end to the scene that Okonkwo causes. If Uchendu did not step into the obi, surely the results of Nwoye would have become more than a beaten, but instead a resolution of death. Thus, this describes the anger of Okonkwo because of the pathway religion, Christianity.

Progressively, however, Okonkwo anger continues to expand violently when he speaks about the destruction of the Christian church. Okonkwo believes that the Christian church is sabotaging the people of Umuofia. He believes that the clansmen of Umuofia should become more like warriors, violent and bloodshed. Once the District Commissioner learns about the destruction of the church, he asks six leaders of the village, including Okonkwo, to meet with him in the church. The leaders agree to the meeting and came in armed force with their machetes. The District Commissioner began to ask for their explanation, once an explanation was about to be heard, twelve government officials surrounded the six leaders and hand cuffed them. The leaders were sent to the guard
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