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Lavon Whitter
CCJS 230 6380 Criminal Law in Action (2148)
Project 1
O.J Simpson Case Analysis
September 7, 2014

"No one enters suit justly, no one goes to court honestly; they rely on empty pleas, they speak lies, they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity."— Isaiah 59: 4,9-11, 14-15.
The O.J Simpson trial was one of the most publicized criminal trials in American history. America’s beloved professional football star O. J. Simpson, was tried on two counts of murder when his then ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman were found dead. Enough evidence was gathered to prove guilt against O.J, and Under the California State Penal Code Section 187A, O.J Simpson was charged with murder. The prosecution did
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The testimony of 911 dispatchers, revealing a history of domestic violence with the Simpsons further helped strengthen the prosecution’s theory. Lastly the prosecution’s most pivotal witness was Allan Park, the Limo driver, who gave a detailed description of a suspect. The prosecution also used Park’s testimony to refute the defense’s case about the ambiguous timelines; and also stated that O.J Simpson had ample opportunity to commit the murders in time to catch his flight.
The Limo driver established a prima facie case of homicide because he identified a culprit who fit the description of O.J, was at the scene of the crime, and properly established a timeline of sequenced events. Parks arrived at the Simpsons estate at 10:25pm and knocked on the Simpsons door without getting an answer. Parks saw a shadowy black figure, tall, about 200 pounds, and wearing dark clothes walk up the Simpsons’ driveway. Minutes later O.J Simpson emerged from the house carrying a large bag that he insisted Mr. Parks not touch. The testimony Allen Parks gave makes O.J Simpson more of a culprit, and evidence against him even more circumstantial. The glove, blood stains, shoe prints, and hair follicles leading collected from the crime scene were pivotal pieces of evidence. O.J Simpson’s hair follicles were found on Nicole’s body and Ron Goldman’s shirt. O.J Simpson’s hair on Nicole wasn’t as alarming due to Nicole being his wife and having close contact with him. However, as Goldman was not

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