Oj Simpson Trial Analysis

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The O.J Simpson murder trial took place in Los Angeles, California in 1995. It was one of America’s most interesting court dramas; however, the characters were real life people, jurors, lawyers, celebrities, and victims. After an eight-month trial, the not guilty verdict stunned the nation. Underneath a mountain of criminating evidence, a jury of his peers had found O.J Simpson not guilty. Numerous pre-trial factors may have contributed to the outcome of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. This analysis seeks to understand the possible societal factors. Two of the most influential factors were mistrust of the police, and the celebrity status of the defendant. However, a main pre-trial factor was the perhaps the jury members themselves, and the mountain of unwavering racial tension in LA. The O.J Simpson trial plausibly says a lot about society, as well as the American justice system.
In 1995, the nation, and specifically the area of Los Angeles was subject to large racial tension. The beating of Rodney King was still fresh on the minds of the community, as well as the injustice following his case and trial.
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Mark Fuhrman, “among the first officers at Bundy and Rockingham, was essential primarily to introduce the bloody glove that he testified he found at the Rockingham estate. And prosecutors wanted to wave that bloody glove in front of the jury because it matched the one found at Bundy” (Staff, N. 2010). His testimony and evidence was discredited when the defense team presented evidence of Furman using racist and derogatory names for people of color. One of the consequences of this evidence was that it presented the jury members with doubt. Because the evidence gathered by a racist, it could have easily been tampered with, or planted, to incriminate Simpson. This placed doubt in the minds of the jury members and highlighted a possible police

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