Oil Spills And Oil Spill Essay

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Oil Spills
Briana Bellew
Ms. Ober
March 12, 2015
Total petroleum business enterprise spillage has decreased consistently over the last 40 years. Seventy-seven percent less oil is spilling since the 1970s and 54% less since the previous ten years. The analyses in this written report examine oil spill and other oil inputs into U.S. waters from all viewpoints; from the spills of greatest national concern, those from the oil industry tankers and offshore manufacturing platforms, to the spills due to to public consumers. (Spills, 2)

Unintended oil spills from tankers or offshore rigs have a total of 250 million gallons of oil. These spills are caused by loading, transporting, and unloading oil. Sometimes oil rigs can have drilling issues from pressure of methane gas causing oil rigs to detonate. (Oil spills and offshore drilling, 40)
March 1989. Sound, Alaska had an oil spill smothering approximately 2,800 sea otters and 250,000 sea birds. . (Oil spills and offshore drilling, 41) This happens from increase of arsenic levels in the sea and suffocation by oil in the animal’s lungs. . (Oil spills and offshore drilling, 43) Humans beings unprotected to the oils toxic chemicals can be linked to anemia, leukemia, reproductive problems, and developmental issues. (Oil spills and offshore drilling, 43)
Now oil rigs use blowout preventors or BOP to preclude the pressure level from building up and causing a pipe or rig to rupture causing another spill. (Oil spills, 16)

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