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A fuzzy logic approach to urban land-use mapping Henning Sten Hansen
National Environmental Research Institute, Ministry of Environment & Energy Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000, Roskilde, Denmark Phone : +45 46 30 18 07 Fax : +45 46 30 12 12 HSH@DMU.DK

Abstract. The growth of cities represents huge problems for modern societies. Monitoring, analysing and modelling the urban dynamic call for detailed mapping of urban land-use. Traditionally, urban land-use mapping is based on orthophotos and satellite images, but deriving land-use from remote-sensing alone is not satisfactory. The Danish Building & Dwelling Register is a database containing detailed information like year of construction, use, area etc. Therefore, this database provides a
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There have been significant advances in re-use of urban “brownfields”, thus reducing further outward urban expansion, although “brownfields” might constitute a problem in itself – especially if it is contaminated. Monitoring, analysing and modelling the urban dynamic call for detailed mapping of urban land-use.

Although the terms land cover and land-use are often used interchangeably, their actual meanings are quite different. Land cover refers to the surface cover on the ground, whether vegetation, water, build-up areas or other. Contrary land-use refers to the purpose the land serves, for example agriculture, industry or recreation. Land-use applications requires as well baseline mapping as continuing monitoring, since updated information is a prerequisite to know what current quantity of land is in what type of use and to identify the land-use changes from year to year. Thus, easy available data sources have high priority. Urban land-use classification from remotely sensed images has achieved great attention in the past decades, and often land-use data are derived from remote sensing data alone. However, the results are not quite satisfying for detailed land-use detection in urban areas. This is because urban land-use is an abstract concept, defined in terms of function rather than form. Thus the relationship between land-use in urban areas and spectral responses recorded in satellite images is very complex and thus

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