Oi 361 Week 3 Individual Essay

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Organizational Impact
Paul Gemmati
OI 361
November 20, 2014
Dr. Stephen Tvorik

Organizational Impact Paper
Innovation is important to any organization. Managerial positions significantly play an important role on innovation. Creativity, innovation, and design are three factors that should be considered by decision makers in any business. Innovation assists with maintaining leadership and maintaining long-term loyalty from consumers. Three organizations have been selected to show the importance of innovation within each industry. The three companies selected for the purposes of organizational impact are: Southwest Airlines, Motorola, and IBM Corporation, otherwise known as International Business Machines.
Southwest Airlines
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Pilot, flight attendants, and mechanics are experts in their field because of the single design plane as to which they operate (2012). Furthermore, as the country has faced some rough economic times especially is the airlines industry Southwest has managed to remain at the top in sales, customer service, lower fares, and on time arrivals. Southwest has purchased newer aircraft and aviation technology to improve performance and reduce overhead cost (Stevenson, 2012).
Brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin created Motorola September 25, 1928; the original name of the company was Galvin manufacturing Corporation located in Chicago (Heater, 2012). Motorola has been committed to innovation in electronics industry for eight decades. The company has been a solid innovator in the area of mobile communications. Motorola’s’ innovative impact has led to many opportunities all over the world. With the broad range of expertise in engineering and technology the company has certainly become an innovative leader. (Heater, 2012).
The external factors are important in Motorola’s innovative impact because opportunities and failure are considered among the external strategy that is in place. These factors can change in accordance with the change of the business environment, the competition, and the various innovations that the company has in place. It is necessary for Motorola to make changes to their

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