Offshore Oil Drilling Should Not Be Carried On Essay

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Offshore oil drilling should not be carried on because it is too much of an environmental risk based on it’s harmful effect on marine ecosystems, climate, and coastal communities. First, offshore oil drilling should be stopped because it is a hazard to marine ecosystems. For example, “As of August 31, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon spill had killed 81 marine mammals, 5, 401 birds, and 553 sea turtles” (Mooney, 46). Oil spills kill thousands of birds and fish. The integrity of the ocean water is depleted. Not only do oil spills effect marine ecosystems, but seismic testing is harmful to any marine mammal dependent on sound. Seismic testing shoots sound waves that can go through “ocean depths and 500 feet of rock” to bring back an image of the ocean floor (Hart, 25) . These sound waves from the seismic testing interfere with the marine mammals dependence on sound, and blast through deep waters and rock. Since animals like dolphins and whales fins location and food from bouncing sound waves this has a tremendous effect on them. Furthermore, oil drilling is not worth the effect it has on the climate. As more and more fossil fuels are burned, gasses and oils are being released into the air (Crawford et. al.71) . The U.S. Department of Energy explains how, “the rise in greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion […] has aroused international concern about the impacts of these emissions on climate. Greenhouse gases—mostly carbon dioxide, but also some methane, nitrous…

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