Offshore Oil Drilling Effects On The Environment Essay example

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Picture this. A vision of the coast. Except it is lifeless and abandoned and coated with oil. A place that once attracted people and animals alike. That is the future if offshore oil drilling continues. Crude oil has been a prominent industry since the late 19th century. In today 's world, the demand for oil has reached an all time high. Therefore, the desperate search for more fuel has prompted the exploitation of oil resources through methods such as offshore oil drilling. Offshore oil drilling is the method of extracting oil from the seabed of oceans. The possibility of drilling having an effect in lowering the demand for oil, despite the immense risk it carries for surrounding environments makes it an extremely controversial topic (Horton). Offshore oil drilling should not be expanded not only because it causes drastic damage to the environment, but also devastates coastal economies.
First and foremost, Offshore drilling leads to ruinous effects on the environment. According to Sandra Purohit, a representative from Defenders of Wildlife, a non-profit wildlife conservation organization, “each year [the U.S.] sends an average of 880,000 gallons of oil into the ocean” (Defenders). The statistics reveal that despite any safety precautions, spills and leaks from oil drilling are inevitable. As a result, the massive amount of oil sent into the ocean yearly severely damages wildlife and their fragile habitats. What happens to wildlife that are damaged by oil? Animals coated…

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