Offshore Drilling For The New Zealand Is Worth It? Essay

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Oil has increasingly become an important resource which enables the world to continue with its necessities of life and its luxuries. Offshore oil drilling is the method of which acquires the oil. This method has already begun in New Zealand. In spite of its significant importance in the world, this method to obtain oil creates more negative consequences, such as environmental pollution, than positive benefits, such as economic gain. Therefore, considering both the benefits and its consequences, this essay will discuss whether offshore drilling for oil in New Zealand is worth it?
Offshore oil drilling offers New Zealand the chance to create employment opportunities, and lose their reliance and dependency of importing oil from other countries. An offshore oil drilling site requires a considerable number of people to operate, thus providing several jobs in a number of industries. The economic benefits that can result from drilling can be seen especially in New Zealand. Hon Bridges (, 2014), states that “the oil and gas industry … creates 7,000 jobs directly. They are the highest-paying jobs in the New Zealand economy—on average, $105,000 per annum”. Therefore, if New Zealand continues to create new offshore drilling sites as planned; this would result in thousands of new jobs. Additionally, New Zealand would not have to import the oil, and thus the price of the energy together with petrol prices would decrease.
Although there are economic opportunities of…

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