Offshore Balancing : A Strategic International Relation Essay

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The global issue raised in this article is whether or not offshore balancing can be used in today’s world and be an effective practice that the UNited States should readopt. The practice of offshore balancing is a strategic international relation where a great power uses a favorable country to check the rise in power in a non favorable hostile country. Mearsheimer states that “offshore balancing, the United States would calibrate its military posture according to the distribution of power in the three key regions. If there is no potential hegemon in sight in Europe, Northeast Asia, or the Gulf then there is no reason to deploy ground or air forces there and little need for a large military establishment at home” which shows how offshore balancing will be an issue if there ever becomes reason to deploy troops or promote influence in these key regions. The main argument that the mearsheimer puts forth is that under offshore balancing the United States will save trillions on defense and resources, promote more money domestically, and preserve primacy for the United States far into the future. If the United States started following the practice of offshore balancing then they could save alot of resources and dollars due to not policing the world. This would save anywhere from 4 trillion to 6 trillion dollars and seven thousand people died and fifty thousand injured from conflict in the middle east when if they remained an offshore, they could have save much more. Under…

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