Essay on Officer Wilson On Shooting Brown

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Michael Brown was an eighteen year old who lost his life after an encounter with the police. On August 9, 2014 a call was made to report a robbery that had took place at Ferguson Market & Liquor. Around midday, an African American male had been reported of stealing boxes of cigarillos and pushing the store clerk on his way out of the store. The police dispatcher described the suspect as wearing a red St. Louis Cardinals hat, khaki shorts, yellow socks, a white T-shirt, while being accompanied by another African American male (Buchannan, Fessenden, Lai, Park, Parlapiano, Tse, Wallace, Watkins, & Yourish, 2014). A few minutes after the robbery report, Officer Wilson approached an individual that matched the suspect’s descriptions, which the police officers were looking for. Reports of what happened next differ widely among witnesses and sources who were present during the shooting that caused the death of Brown. According to the most credible witnesses, the reason for Officer Wilson on shooting Brown was mainly because of an altercation between the suspect and the officer (Buchanan et al., 2014). During the altercation that took place inside the patrol car, Brown tried to reach the Officer’s gun, whereas the gun was fired twice, impacting the suspect’s right hand once. The shots made Brown and his friend Johnson proceed with a rapid escape from the scene. However, Officer Wilson was not going to allow Brown and his friend to escape, in which he got out of his car and pursued…

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