Office Technology and Management: a Catalyst for Students' Self-Reliance

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Office Technology and Management: A Catalyst for Students’ Self-reliance.
This paper discusses office technology and management as a catalyst for students’ self-reliance. The core of the paper is that when students who are considered future leaders are empowered, it subsequently leads to the social, economic and political growth and stability of any nation. Office technology and management formerly known as secretarial studies is proffered as the catalyst education for students’ self-reliance based on all spheres of human endeavour. It guarantees prompt and decent employment for students who have competent secretarial skills. Students, after graduation could also go entrepreneurial to establish small-scale businesses of
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Hence, office management is the administrative handling, controlling and maintaining a balance process of work inside the office of an organization whether big or small, which is necessary to achieve the best service it can provide to the people who will receive a great benefit (Wikipedia, 2012).
Office technology according to Ekpenyong (2008) involves the use of new inventions or devices in an office to transform, or change the process of office work. It is this rapid change in the technology of office work through the use of machines to do the work that was previously done by hand that explains what we call office technology/automation. In other words, the use of machines such as computers, electronic mail system, among others, is called technology/automation.
According to Asika and Odugbesan (2002), Office managers are ubiquitous office workers needed in every type of office (big or small) to assist their superiors or executives in carrying out their responsibilities. Graduate office Managers are produced from the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria. The Office manager’s function, though a supportive function, requires a large amount of initiative, tact and resourcefulness to succeed.
An office manager is a person that holds office management position, conducts special studies; and based on the results of these special studies, develops reports. Apart from developing reports, he/she also provides input to management on the

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